For the last six years I’ve worked as a solo dev full-time for CG Cookie - a custom LMS platform that teachers Blender. About a year after I started working there, we launched the Blender Market - a marketplace for selling plugins and tools for Blender. Both of these sites started on WordPress, but we eventually outgrew the platform. Without any prior experience with Ruby on Rails, I rebuilt both apps from scratch, then spent the next few years fixing, learning, and maintaining the platforms. These days the Blender Market has it’s own developer but much of the code that I authored still runs to this day.

Then about a year ago, we began to brainstorm the next evolution of the LMS platform that drives CG Cookie. This was born as Mavenseed - a CMS for content creators. We’ll be migrating CG Cookie to Mavenseed by the end of the year.

On the side I work on SportKeeper - a climbing gym management software platform.

I manage all of this from a 180sq foot off-grid RV.

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