Episode 18



July 16th, 2020

48 mins 36 secs

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The Ruby Blend - Episode 18

Welcome to The Ruby Blend! The guys catch up on what's been going on
this week. Ron has been taking an insurance class with his work to learn
the ins and outs of the insurance industry, Nate's been busy working
with Code Fund becoming an independent company, and Andrew has been on
the interviewing circuit trying to find a new job. Which leads us into
the topic of today's episode, which is "Interviewing." The guys chat all
about all different things they've experienced over the years with the
interviewing process and all the different things they've encountered
with finding new jobs over the years. They do have some bits of advice
to share as well. Andrew lets us know what he's been having to do
currently with his interviewing process. And why is Andrew not allowed
to go bowling anymore? Download this episode to find out all this and
much more.

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Show Notes:

[00:00:38] The guys share with us what's been going on in their lives
and with their jobs.

[00:08:42] Andrew fills us in what the interview process has been like
for him, which has included a take home project. Ron shares something
about a take home test he had to do for a job interview.

[00:17:20] Andrew mentions an upcoming interview he has with a larger
Rails shop and it will be him doing a pair with one of their engineers.
Ron mentions a whiteboard interview he had to do once and didn't like.
Andrew also has some advice about reversing a string with Ruby.

[00:28:22] The hiring process being broken is discussed and how it
hasn't changed over the years.

[00:31:05] Nate asks Andrew if he has any thoughts about any new
technologies that he hasn't used during this whole interview process,
like libraries he hasn't used, old versions of libraries, or libraries
he doesn't care to use.

[00:38:33] The topic of JBuilder and JSON is brought up and Andrew
says no one is writing JBuilder anymore.

[00:44:53] Nate tells us how Stimulus Reflex is coming along, and he
lets us in on a little piece of trivia about Stimulus Reflex that he's
never touched on, and Ron is involved in it. The guys are waiting for
Nate to get "yacht status" and when he does, Andrew wants to be the
captain of that yacht.


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